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Release time:2020-05-06 Source:Dongguan ShuangXiang leather manufacture co., LTD

hello everyone! I'm Lucy, the network sales director of shuangxiang leather factory. In order to get close contact with you, I'm also starting to write articles. Don't be surprised at the poor writing!
Ha! The picture below is the office building of this PU leather factory. When I first came to this factory, I thought it was very big, but after a long time, I don't think it's big, depending on how I have been integrated into this circle, and I think many Sichuan people in the company are very warm and warm.

Walk into the office building, first of all, you can see a high row of wooden cabinets, which are used to hold samples. Many customer development samples will be put in this position after they are finished, and the supply of various businesses will be sent to customers. Looking forward to this row of tables, all the people in charge of production departments and drivers are sitting. Ha ha, have you finished reading it? Look at the last corner. It's our big boss's office. It's a little out of sight.

Come on! Lucy will show you a close look. that's OK? You can come here for tea! 99% of our company's girls make tea. (that 1% is right. It's me, but I'm also working hard. When you come here, I'm sure I've achieved something.)

Skip the first floor. Let's go up to the second floor and have a look!

There are many offices on the second floor, but the most worth watching is our meeting room. Because in addition to rest here, we can also see and understand our latest products. They are all hung in the exhibition area, very beautiful and beautiful.

At the end, I'd like to give you a picture of the main gate of the factory! The shuangxiang people in it are all working hard. If we can sign a contract, ha ha, your things will be produced in this place.

Picture / text: shuangxiang leather factory / Lucy
Date: April 26, 2016



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